Best Seminyak Beach Bars

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La Plancha

Like a lot of beaches in Bali, Seminyak’s long stretch of sand plays host to its fair share of local traders, selling almost everything you can imagine – from fruits and shells to massages, manicures and hair braiding, and even intricate wood carvings that we can’t imagine would fit in most suitcases!

Unlike in Kuta, though, where the traders often won’t take no for an answer, you’ll largely be left alone during the day on the more sophisticated Seminyak Beach, save the odd offer of a sunbed or an icy cold local beer. We advise you to take advantage of the relaxing vibe and spend at least a day or two sunbathing, swimming or learning to surf on Bali’s most famous beach.

If you walk along Seminyak Beach, heading from Seminyak towards Double Six Road, you’ll find that it merges into Legian Beach, where you won’t be able to miss the many colourful beach bars, complete with extremely comfy bean bags, that make this part of the beach one of the most popular in the Seminyak area.

At La Plancha, one of our favourites, the staff are super-friendly and the drinks are cheap. Grab a bean bag and chill out with a light snack as the day heads towards sunset. (We particularly recommend the burgers – you won’t find any tastier in Seminyak!)


  • Burger IDR 90,000
  • Heineken IDR 35,000

Crystal Palace Beach Hut is another great Seminyak hang-out. Why not get a little shade and grab a bite, or alternatively make the most of the bar’s brightly coloured beanbags for a sunset cocktail at happy hour 5pm – 8pm daily, with a live band from 7pm.


  • Bar snacks IDR 40,000 – 80,000
  • Cocktails start from IDR 75,000

One of the newest additions to Seminyak Beach is B9B – Blue 9 Beach – formerly known as Sandpit. The prices are affordable and you have the option to dine on Western or Indonesian food inside at the bar or plonk yourself down on a beanbag on the beach with a cocktail. We definitely recommend the latter, as B9B’s crazy cocktail list is one not to be missed. We won’t give too much away (and some of the names are too lewd to print on this blog!), but we definitely suggest you go and check it out for yourself.


  • Main dishes start from IDR 75,000
  • Cocktails start from IDR 65,000

Walk a little further down the beach and things start to get a bit more crowded with local beach traders selling cold beers and soft drinks from bright red cool boxes almost everywhere you look! They’ll also be happy to rent you a long bed and umbrella for the day (usually costing around 50,000 rupiah), sell you a surf lesson or just rent you a board for a small fee.

On this section of the beach, don’t forget to look out for Tobings Bar, where the staff are chatty and always smiling and a Bintang is only IDR 20,000 🙂

Have you ever been to a beach bar in Seminyak?

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